Stand with Florida’s Farmers!

It’s hard work feeding families across America.

For generations, farming has played an important role in family dynamics as households gather together around the dinner table. EAA farmers work from sunrise to sunset to produce the fresh and healthy food families enjoy at every meal.

Our families have been farming for generations. We want to earn an honest living and hope to pass our farm down to our kids and grandkids. We teach them to take care of the land and take pride in the food we grow to feed Americans.

Protecting EAA farmland that has the nation’s most productive soils is critical to our local food supply. If we don’t want to become reliant on imported food from foreign countries, we must protect local agriculture, homegrown food and rural jobs and businesses in the EAA. This is in the best interest of families in Florida and across the nation who rely on steady food supplies from American farmers they can trust.

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