Issues & Priorities

Anti-farmer activists are attacking farmers and risking the security of our homegrown food supply. Specifically, anti-farmer activist associated with the Everglades Trust and its sister organization the Everglades Foundation continue to attack hardworking men and women who supply locally grown foods to America’s families. These heavily funded, anti-farmer groups use false ads and high-priced lobbyists to try to shutdown our locally grown fresh food supply and outsource our food security to foreign countries.

Don’t let misleading advertisements fool you. The time is now to stop anti-farmer activists who want to outsource our food to foreign countries that don’t have our strict food safety requirements or environmental standards.

Our local farmers ensure families are supplied with fresh, wholesome foods grown locally. Stop the Everglades Trust’s campaign to shut down our farms and outsource our food supply. We need you now more than ever. Please join us and make your voice heard if you support your local farmer and American-grown food.

Stand with EAA Farmers and protect our homegrown food supply.