Our Farms

As a coalition of mostly family owned farms and local job creators we work incredibly hard to meet the food needs of every day Floridians.

Listed are our organization’s family owned farms and local job creators who are joining together to stop the big-government driven land grab.


Atwood Family Farms
BHK, Inc.
Big B Farm
Big B. Sugar Corp.
C&C Farms
Chery Lake
Cole W. Easley
Cooperation Produce, Inc.
Donia A. Roberts, P.A.
Double H. Farms
Deep South Sugar Corp.
Florida Crystals Corp.
Frontier Produce, Inc.
Glades Sugar Farms
H&A Farming & Leasing
Herring Farms, Inc.
Hooker-Jones Co.
Hundley Farms, Inc.
JEM Farms, Inc.
Jahna Groves
Johnson Harvesting
Joshua Light
Kennedy Enterprises
Kennedy Farms, Inc.
Lewis Friend Farms
Markham Sugar Farms, Inc.
Miami Sod, Co.
New Hope Sugar Co.
nK Lago Farms, LLC.
On Point Ag. Inc.
Okeelanta Corp.
Orsenigo Farms
Osceola Farms
Pioneer Ranch & Sugar Farms
R.C. Hatton, Inc.
Roth Farms
Riverfront Packing
Sem Chi Rice
Simonson Farms, Inc.
Star Farms Corp.
Start Ranch Enterprises, Inc.
Stein Sugar Farms, Inc.
Stewart Stein Farms, Inc.
Sugar & Spice, Inc.
Sugar Cane Growers Coop
Sugar Farms Coop
Sun Corn Inc.
Straughn Farms
Syfrett Ranch
TKM Bengard Farms
Tee Pee Farms
Triple F. Farms
W.E. McKinstry, Inc.
Wedgworth Farms, Inc.
Wilder Brothers Farms
William Kennedy Farms