Our Land

Our farmers have been farming in the EAA since the early 1900s. Farm families are proud to be stewards of our environment, as we sustainably farm fresh food for millions of American families.

Farming sustainably is one of the guiding principles of EAA farmers. Through our science-based Best Management Practices (BMP) program and our use of precision agriculture that ensures data-driven decision-making, we grow our crops in the most eco-friendly way.

EAA farmers also conserve land and water every day as we grow food and fiber. Precision agriculture makes the practice of farming more accurate and controlled to optimize and reduce the use inputs, which preserves natural resources. A key component of this approach is the use of technology such as satellites and GPS guidance, auto-guided tractors, sensors and drones.

Our innovative and high-tech farming techniques known as Best Management Practices (BMPs) were developed and continue to evolve through a partnership with University of Florida researchers and scientists.

Our BMPs are the successful treatment train approach that has continued to ensure clean water for the Everglades. The partnership between the state, local environmental agencies and farmers has resulted in overwhelming success in restoring the Everglades. Today, 100% of Everglades National Park meets the stringent 10 parts per billion phosphorus standard as does more than 90% of the entire southern Everglades region.

The contributions farmers have made require careful thought, analysis, intense management and long-term investments in capital and human resources.

Most farm families live and work on the land with the goal of passing it on to their children and grandchildren. They treasure the natural resources that provide the means to pursue their livelihoods and passion to be farmers.